Specifiers Data Sheet
Specifiers Data Sheet
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Product Brochure

Frequently asked questions

What is the average amount saved using Vortique vs traditional downpipes?

On a typical residential 3 bdrm home you would expect to save approximately $1,000 (NZD) with ancillary savings additional.

Does the Vortique Ultimate Downpipe meet the NZ Building Code E1?

Yes. Vortique Ultimate Downpipes when properly specified not only comply with but exceed the requirements of both the New Zealand and the more stringent European Building Codes.

If Vortique Ultimate Downpipes, when properly specified exceed the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code, does this mean that per square metre of roof area I can comply with the code using fewer downpipes?

Yes, typically half the number of Downpipes and therefore corresponding groundwork’s are required.

V80mm Vortique Ultimate Downpipe has been ISO tested by Tank Test Laboratories against traditional downpipes and was found to deliver a flow rate of 7 litres per second of consistent laminar or siphonic flow; whereas traditional downpipes (PVC, steel and square/rectangular pipes) deliver a flow rate of 3.8 litres second of turbulent flow. Vortique Ultimate Downpipes deliver over 90% better flow performance than other pipes tested.

Can I always use 50% less Downpipes?

Not in every instance, there are requirements to use one downpipe per 10 metre length spouting along with other requirements, but you can confidently specify 20% fewer.

What advantages does this reduction offer?

The reduction in the number of downpipes means a related reduction in the stormwater drainage and the outlet from the spouting. For each downpipe removed, the saving is approximately $500 including the pipe.

Is a specialist installer required for Vortique Ultimate Downpipes?

Vortique Ultimate Downpipes are a pre-manufactured to specification unit and require no assembly and minimal installation. Vortique offer an installation service which can be arranged through our customer service team, contact Vortique on 07 8475197.

However, simple tools such as a spirit level and either hand tools or power driver are required and a competent DIY home owner will be capable to install. Instructing a plumber or builder to install Vortique Ultimate Downpipes is at your discretion.

Is the Freeflow Pipe of better quality than the alternatives?

Yes. It is stronger, has longer life; is powder coated for decoration, is made out of 1.7mm aluminium wall thickness and comes with two color matched aluminium 40-70mm adjustable brackets.

What is the lead time?

For downpipes ordered off the Plan - send plans to plans@vortique.com. Delivery is 10 working days to site from date of instruction and payment.

For custom diameter indented Vortique Ultimate Downpipe, the lead time may vary contact Vortique on 07 8475197 to talk to our customer service team.

Are Vortique downpipes suited for use in sealed rainwater collection systems?

Vortique Ultimate Downpipes are suitable for use in sealed rainwater collection systems. Manufactured from aluminium which will not rust, deteriorate or emit harmful carcinogens.